Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders mailed out!

Debbie: reversable dress, matching bloomers, hat and shoes

Dress for 2nd "Minnie Mouse" Birthday

Molly: London Mod Shoes by Twosies

Michelle: Trainers

Monday, March 23, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Tiffany, your order is on it's way to you!!

For your own custom pairs of Cloth Training Pants Visit www.2by2boutique.com today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Spotted Box is Here!!!!

Filled to the top with TONS of yummy goodies!! Here is what my box had in it:
Eco-Wool teething Bracelet (this won best in the box!) from Babus
A "W" fabric applique from Alphabulous (no website listed)
FOE sample from FOE Your Diaper and 10% off code
Handmade earrings from Let it Shine Jewelry
SUPER CUTE tie died onesie from Joyful Tie Dyes
Cute soccer hair clip from I heart bowheads
Cute yellow bow from I'm Pretty Boutique and 10%off
An infant hat from Kinder Klothes
Stylin Baby Cloth sent in a cute wipe and 15% off
Stitch markers from Nature Baby Knits
A very unique nail are Jewellery piece from Miss Onyx
The Little LOVE Bug sent in a cute Easter hair clip kit- LOVE IT!
Tulip soy & $1 off from The Melting Pot Candle Co. - smells AMAZING!
Fluffnflowers sent black pearl pepper seeds- excited to plant these!
Rosemary Mint Lotion and Sweet Orange lip balm from Mirasol Farm (my favorite from the box!!)
Baby Powder Fresh (awww!) glycerin soap from MadebyMari
Oatmeal milk bath from Scent-sory Creations
Country Soaps by Marlene sent in some baby soap to honor her new addition and 25% off!! This is where i buy ALL of my soaps from and I love her shop!!
Natural Goodies sent in body parfait that smells super yummy & 10% off code!
A sachet sample from Perennial Piecer that smells yummy with a 10% off code
Lavender dryer sachet & 25% off code from Monkey Tree Creations- love how she added tons of uses for it!
Natural laundry soap in Lemon & Lavender-mmmmm...- from Natural Madison

Sweet bookmark from T and Little S Designs with a 15% off code
2 AMAZING cards from DFMI designs with a 10% off code
Sock monkey card that I LOVE(!!) from auntyanndesigns
Home school curriculum from Earth*School

Great box with load of goodies!! thanks to the wonderful mamas that sent goodies in!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stocked today!!

Hey All!!

Today is the first stocking of Shoes by Twosies!!

I also have 2 lottos to purchase custom slots!! shop www.2by2boutique.com today and get um' while there still there!!

Custom slots are restocked today as well- wetbags, soakers, etc!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

SpOtTeD BoX TiMe!!!!

The 15th is coming!!

Time to get your spotted box!! This month fluffnflowers, of http://www.fluffnflowers.etsy.com/ is giving away her free spotted box to one lucky blogger.
Click here to enter to win a free box!
This is what you can find from http://www.2by2boutique.com/!

Get your box on the 15th before they are gone!! Visit http://www.thespottedbox.com/ for more info and to get your box!

Mailing Green

Look for even "greener" changes to 2 by 2 boutique if you choose to have your order mailed out!

Now mailing in recycled paper bags that have been sewed together! How need and eco-friendly is that?? Holds together better than plastic and tape, is made from recycled materials, sturdy enough for the toughest groceries, and you can recycle it after you receive your package! Your order will be packaged in a cute plastic gift sack inside to keep it from getting damaged due to water or ruff mail carriers, that you can also reuse and re-gift!

How Cute is that!!

Orders Mailed out!

Orders mailed out:








Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stocked today!!

Hey All!!

www.2by2boutique.com stocked today!!

new wraps, new wipes, new napkins, new unpaper towels, new family cloth and tons tons more!!

shoes are coming 3/15!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders mailed out!




Monday, March 2, 2009

Orders Mailed out! Weekend edition!

These are the orders that went out this weekend!







thanks for your business and lmk when you get your order in!!