Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders Mailed out!! Order status for other orders at bottom!

April: Day time trainer

Laura: 5 OverNight trainers

Rachel: Alyssa Woven Wrap

Regina: Ashlyn Woven Wrap and Tree Hugger Shoes by Twosies

Johnna: 3 Day time trainers and 3 OverNight trainers

Traci- Custom OverNight Trainers

Elyse: Custom Changing Pad w/ PUL layer

Kendra: Custom Capris and Prissy Pants

Susanna: Piggy hooded towel
Tiffany: 5 Day time trainers- Cut and ready to sew
Shalah: 2 Custom i-spy bags- shipped (pics to come!)
Becky: Lg Wetbag- Next in line!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders mailed out :

Cassy: Custom Fleece Flirty Skirt w/ applique

Melissa: 2 Overnight trainers

Daniella: 2 Overnight Trainers

Amanda: Dragon Hooded towel and washcloth set
Lindsey: Chocolate Unpaper towels

Order Status :

Johnna: 6 overnight trainers- completed, pics to come
Tracy: 1 overnight trainer- Cut and ready to sew
Regina: Woven wrap & pair of shoes by twosies- completed, pics to come
Rachel- Woven wrap- completed, pics to come
Kendra- Custom Capris & Prissy Pants- waiting on order details

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SpOtTeD BoX TiMe!!!!

First, a great giveaway i won from Momma in flip flops2! Bum Drops in yummy lavender mandarin from Knickernappies.com

Now for the BOX!! This was a great Spotted Box! If you want more info visit http://www.thespottedbox.com/!

-2 small produce bags from My Whimsie (my fav in the box!)
-(CUTE!!)Candy from CustomCandyCreations and card from Memories By Olenka
-Candy and $10 GC from Seventeen Stone
-Upcycled envelope (great idea!) from Fluffnfixings
-Corner page bookmark from Lil' Bit Sassy
-2 Cards from DFMI (love these cards!!)
-Wool ball from Babus toys
-Felt sugar cookie from The little Love bug
-Crayon from Goose Hill Designs
-Bamboo wipe and free ship code from "Naturally Adorable"
-Clean Beans from coffeybean boutique
-Infant hat (cute!) from Kinder Klothes
-Key chain and 10% off from Stitch n love
-Super cute clip from Social Butterflies
-Super cute clip from Polkatotboutique.com
-Pony Wrap (cute idea!) and 20% off from Pony Pretties
-Cell charm from Tiffany's Trinkets
-Rosemary Gardeners Soap from Country Soaps by Marlene (i love her soaps- it's all we buy!)
-Lavendar Sachet from Glory Be Herbals
-Glitter cosmetics from Glittersniffer (what a fun store!)
-Drinking Tea and a 25% off coupon from MonkeyTree (def. need this sleep sleepy tea!!)
-Lip Balm Samples and a 15% off coupon from Clear Hills Honey Company.... yum!
-Goats milk lotion and healing hemp balm from Sudzy Baby
-Cotton Candy Soy and 15% off from The Melting Pot Candle Co.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

JUST STOCKED!!! order updates too!

Just stocked today!! Look for new training pants listings, and custom slots galore!
here are the orders that just went out:
Anna- custom I-Spy bag
Renee- Custom wipes and Medium wetbags

Laura- reversible dress, bloomers and Shoes by Twosies

Order Status:
Johnna- 3 Daytime training pants, 3 nighttime training pants: 90% finished
Melissa- 2 Overnight training pants: Cut and ready to sew
Daniella- 2 Overnight training pants: Cut and ready to sew
Cassy- Custom Prissy Pants Skirty: Ready to cut

Monday, April 13, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders mailed and order status:

Melissa- Custom Shoes by Twosies for EarthDay

Anna- In Progress

Renee- In Progress

Melissa- Need order details from you

Johnna- In Progress

Tiffany- Need order details from you

Laura- In Progress

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Melissa- Custom Shoes by Twosies

Kendra: 2 Prissy Pants

Cassandra: Prissy Pants Skirty, Custom Longies and matching custom shirt

Andrea: 2 Trainers

April: Prissy Pants

Brittany: 2 pairs of BBB