Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newest Addition!

Newest addition to 2 by 2 Boutique!

2 by 2 "Swings"
{reversible dress with matching bloomers}
(Shown with matching Shoes by Twosies)

*Available Choices*
1. "Mocca"/ "Bangle Dot" by Alexander Henry

2. "Scenic"/"Umbrellas" by Springs Creative

3. "Koto" by Alexander Henry


Monday, June 29, 2009

Orders Mailed Out

Orders Mailed Out:

Beth- Custom Shoes by Twosies-

Samantha- Custom Prissy Nights

Amanda- 12pk of Custom MudSliders

Current order status:
Trysh- 2 Custom I-Spy Bags- waiting on custom fabric and charms
Kelly- Custom Ultimate Md. Wetbag
Carol- 3 Custom Over Night Trainers
Christina- 6 Custom Over Night Trainers
Kevin-Custom Shoes by Twosies
Wendy- 6pk Custom mudsliders, Custom Prissy Nights, Custom Night Britches

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Orders mailed out!!

Orders mailed out:

Amy: Custom I-Spy bag

Christian- Custom Lg Wetbag, Custom Md. Wetbag, and 20 Custom Wipes

Kelton-Gobstoppers Prissy Pants, Flower Power Skirty

Current order status:
Beth- Custom Shoes by Twosies- 90% finished!
Samantha- Custom Prissy Nights- Cut and ready to sew
Trysh- 2 Custom I-Spy Bags- waiting on custom fabric and charms
Wendy- waiting on order details
Kelly- Custom Ultimate Md. Wetbag

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SpOtTeD BoX TiMe!!!!

The spotted box is here!!!

visit www.thespottedbox.com for more details!

This is my last box to participate in for a while (i want to enjoy the summer with my hubby while he is off from teaching) and i wanted to share my goodies! I posted their links and review of their samples/websites!

The cute box of spotted tissue

1. Cute butterfly crayon and a "free with purchase" code from Elizabear
~my little man loves it! I checked out her site and these are some of the best homemade crayons i have ever seen! I will definitely be shopping here!
2. Peanut Butter Oatmeal dog treats and 10% off code from Stylin' Pup Pillows
~My friend just got a puppy and will LOVE these! CUTE site! She has tons of cute dog accessories! If we had a dog we would snag up some of her unique collar and lease sets!
3. Lavender Rose of Sharon seeds from Fluffnflowers
~I cannot wait to plant these! I actually just planted the last 2 samples of hers i received and cant wait for her to make a gardener out of me! If she had a herb garden kit i would snag it up!
4. Mixed flower seeds from CreativelyWebbed
~A creative sample to show they will help "grow" your business!

5. Matchbook notepad from T and Little S Designs
~I love her shop! This is great for my purse! I have ordered from her before, and will do so again and again! I love her coasters!
6. Flower card and 15% off from The Guestroom Closet
~Super cute card! I love everything in her shop!! It is stocked full and I am definitely going shopping!
7. Photo Card from db designs
~This card isn't really my style, but she has some cute cards in her shop!!
8. $5 Gift Certificate from Scent-sory Creations
~I went to go shop and it said that the store is currently inactive??
9. $5 Gift Certificate from 2 by 2 Boutique
~I.LOVE.THIS.SHOP!! OK i may be a little bias! LOL! But seriously, GREAT store!! ; )
10. $5 Gift Certificate to Glory Be Herbals
~Great store!! Can't wait to go shopping!!
11. Thank you card and 2 gift tags as well as "free ship" code from DFMI Designs
~I freakin' love her cards!! Everyone loves to get these too!!

12. Triple Butter Bath Melts from Sudzy Baby
~My sample was completely melted and i am unable to use it, but it smells good. She has a lot to offer in her store too.
13. Sunkissed Citrus melt from Scentsy
~I LOVE scentsy!! This is a scent that i probably would have never chosen but I.LOVE.IT!!!
14. Unscented Calendula Oatmeal Soap and 20% off from Frost Fish Cove Soaps
~This is from the owner of the spotted box. it was my first time to get one of her samples and i am excited to try it!!
15. Organic Orange Lip Balm from Verona Organics
~Yummy lip balm! Great store with great products too!
16. Melon Ball Soy and 15% off from The Melting Pot Candle Co.
~This is by far my favorite scent from her! Although I have probably said that about every one! I love her tarts and need to go shopping!
17. Shaving Cream Soap and 50% off (!!) from Summerland Bath & Body
~This was my favorite item from the box!! I am so excited to use it and I am going to snag up one of her seaweed masks too! Love her shop!

18. Flannel/Sherpa wipe from Burgh Baby Gear
~Soft, great wipe! I love her yarn in her shop!! I might have to get her to hand paint some for me!!
19. Heart Applique and 15%-20% off from Tattered Tapestry
~Not really my style, but she has some cute appliques in her store. I will include this in one of my orders to by customers! Cute passport covers too!
20. Reusable Cotton round and 10% off from Royal Buns
~I love these! I use these for taking my eye makeup off!
21. Cobalt snap sample from Oh Snap USA
~I don't have a snap press, but will pass these on to a customer that does!

22. Cute head scarf and 20% off from Kinder Klothes
~I am passing this on to my little niece! Cute!! I wish she made more boy clothes!!
23. Hair Clip from Polka Tot Boutique
~This isn't really my style, but i will pass it on to a customer with one of my orders! I have gotten some of the CUTEST hair clips from her!!
24. Toddler Bracelet from Tiffany's Trinkets
~This is so stinkin' cute and I cannot wait to mail it to my niece!
25. Make a wish necklace from Social Butterflies
~I love this idea!! I have a set of earrings that will match this and make a great gift!!

I am offering my Gift Certificate to all my blog readers!! Shop www.2by2boutique.com and enter "sb05" upon checkout to get $5 off your order!!!

Great box!! What is your favorite??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where the magic happens...

I am always curious what WAHM's work stations look like behind the scenes of the wonderful products they produce. If that is something you find yourself doing as well I wanted to give you a sneak peak into my workspace! This is behind the curtain of 2 by 2 Boutique!

First my baby ;>D
this is my simple but workhorse of a sewing machine- together, we are unstoppable!

To the right of my machine on my work table is a stack of cutting mats and my rotary cutter. AND my coffee...LOL! That is my gasoline! (and yes it is a HUGE Starbucks mug- haha)

This is my crazy pin cushion- you know you love it!! I love how it is up high off the table. I cleaned up for the pictures and in my normal work mess, this comes in handy!

All of my thread, scissors, seam rippers, bobbins and tape measure- these are my tools!

My office. I love how I can close the doors at the end of the day and not have to look at it!

This is the top half. On the top shelf we have card organizers full of cards (i love to give them :P), pens and markers, blank CD's and my photos that are ready to be scrapbooked. On the next shelf down I have all of my office supplies, business cards, and printer/scanner. On the bottom shelf I have all of my patterns, my stash of goodies for my i-spy bags, button collection, Laptop and book where I keep all of my orders and info for them!

The bottom half has a shelf with my planner and the cute bags i send my orders out in. The very bottom of the armoir has my ribbons, shipping supplies in baskets and all of my scrapbook goodies!

This is one of the 3 fabric stashes I have in my house! *blushes* I <3 fabric like a fat kid loves cake! This is the top half...

...and the bottom half.

So what do you think? The lab of a creative genius or crazy person? LOL- that is a fine line! HAHA!

Order's mailed out!!

Orders mailed out:

Julia- 4 napkins, 4 Custom Daytime Trainers

Tara- Custom Overnight Trainer

Joan- Custom Shorties

Daniella- 2 Custom Overnight Trainers

Kathy- 3 3pks of mudsliders

Michelle- 2 custom I-spy bags

Wednesday, June 10, 2009