Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orders Mailed out!

Orders Mailed out!! Order status for other orders at bottom!

April: Day time trainer

Laura: 5 OverNight trainers

Rachel: Alyssa Woven Wrap

Regina: Ashlyn Woven Wrap and Tree Hugger Shoes by Twosies

Johnna: 3 Day time trainers and 3 OverNight trainers

Traci- Custom OverNight Trainers

Elyse: Custom Changing Pad w/ PUL layer

Kendra: Custom Capris and Prissy Pants

Susanna: Piggy hooded towel
Tiffany: 5 Day time trainers- Cut and ready to sew
Shalah: 2 Custom i-spy bags- shipped (pics to come!)
Becky: Lg Wetbag- Next in line!

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

Holy COW you've been busy!!! congrats! But what I want to know is

WHY IN THE WORLD do you not have this awesome stuff listed in your esty shop????

I guess you'd be so busy you would have to hire me to work in your sweatshop! LOL Can't wait to get my trainers! I'll measure G-Man when he wakes up from nap! (-;