Friday, May 29, 2009

Order's mailed out!!

Order's mailed out and Current status below!

Leah- 2 Big Boy overnight trainers, one prissy overnight trainer

Sara- 3 Big Boy overnight trainers and 2 Prissy Skirty day trainers

Anna- 2 overnight big boy trainers (Order completed- pic coming!)

Beth- 2 3pks of mudsliders

Lindsey- 2 pairs of longies- awaiting payment
Robin- 1 overnight trainer- awaiting measurements
Esther- 2 custom ispy bags- 75% completed
Amanda- 2 pairs of shoes by twosies, duck hooded towel and wash cloth set- 75% completed
Claire- 2 prissy pants skirties, 2 prissy nights nighttime soakers- next to be cut
Anne- 1 overnight big boy trainer-ready to be cut

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