Saturday, September 5, 2009

Order's Mailed out


Emily: 2by2 Stretch wrap, leg warmers, ispy bag
Brooke: 2 overnight trainers

Sara: Custom Shoes by Twosies

Brooke: 3 Pairs of leg warmers

Jennifer: leg warmers, night britches, custom tshirt and shoes by twosies- next to be cut
Mindy: Wipes 4pk, mudsliders, skirty and wipes wetbag- cut and ready to sew
Heidi: custom shoes by twosies- awaiting fabric selection
Michelle: custom embellished john deere soaker- cut and ready to sew
Susan- 8yds of PUL- awaiting payment
Kimberly- 3 custom ispy bags- next to be cut
Lisa- 1yd butter & 1yd celery PUL- ready to be cut
Jillian- 4 custom ispy bags-ready to be cut

1 comment:

Michelle Clifton said...

Yay!! I am so excited!! :)