Thursday, January 29, 2009

DaWanda World 2009 Promo bag!!

I recently stumbled upon another blog, The spotted sparrow, and read a post on DaWanda! DaWanda is the etsy of the UK, France and Germany! DaWanda is the place for unique and individual products and people. Buy handmade and hard to find goods, share your discoveries with your friends and create your own collections. I purchased their equivalent of "The spotted box" which was the DaWanda World 2009. Each bag contains business cards and 5 to 6 promotional give aways from selected sellers who are working together to spread the joy of DaWanda shopping. These bags are identical with entries from 106 wonderful DaWanda Sellers and freebies include cool magnets, badges, key rings, sachets, buttons, earrings, rings, bookmarks, postcards, creations made of felt, etc.! All these things are handmade and they all are limited edition.

For 10.00EUR here is my promo bag!!
the cute France stamps:it came in this beautiful silk reusable gift bag:

all of the business cards and the promotional calender:

My samples:

and one that my DS swiped before i took the last!

1. A zipper pul or bag charm from Florcita
2. The silk reusable gift bag from BijouxBull
3. A felt egg magnent from Unikateausder Lueneburger Heide
4. A fairy/sun*moon*stars key chain from livalasiu (i think that is what it says)
5. Handmade soap from fruehlingbitte naturselfen in vanilla i think... *giggle*
6. A hilerious post card from Silvia Karkut
7. Flower clip from Lillys wonderland
I have already bought some jewelry from one of the shops for a friend for her birthday. Who wouldn't want to get handmade jewelry from France??

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised and happy to find one of my postcards (the little elf) on your blog! Hope you like it!