Monday, July 6, 2009

Orders mailed out!!

Orders Mailed Out:

Carol- 3 Custom Overnight Trainers

Lauren- Super Hero Towel Gift Set

Pamela- 5yrds of Butter Yellow PUL

Heather- 5 Cloth Napkins

Kelly- Ultimate Md. Wetbag
Align Center

Sarah- 2 yds of Royal Blue (saturn) PUL

Current order status:
Trysh- 2 Custom I-Spy Bags- ready to be cut
Christina- 6 Custom Over Night Trainers- 90% completed
Kevin-Custom Shoes by Twosies- cut and ready to be sewn
Wendy- 6pk Custom mudsliders, Custom Prissy Nights, Custom Night Britches- ready to be cut
Ashley- 2 Lg Wetbags- finalizing order details

1 comment:

Momofshsjm+ said...

Great communication! Love the items- they are so cute. I won't be able to use them for a few more weeks- but looking forward to putting them to use and ordering more.