Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Newest Addition!

Newest addition to 2 by 2 Boutique!

2 by 2 "Swings"
{reversible dress with matching bloomers}
(Shown with matching Shoes by Twosies)

*Available Choices*
1. "Mocca"/ "Bangle Dot" by Alexander Henry

2. "Scenic"/"Umbrellas" by Springs Creative

3. "Koto" by Alexander Henry



Stam House said...

those look just to adorable!!!!! I love it!

Tara said...

Oh my I love the dresses!!!! So cute! What beautiful work!

Tara said...

I have a question.. the dresses you make.. are they for sale on your Etsy shop? There was a photo of one herehttp://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b317/JennyMac83/2by2/Gallery/Dresses/2by2boutique1654.jpg wasn't sure if you had any of these for sale. It's sooooo cute.

Claire's World said...

too cute!!!

Kristin said...


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