Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One of my favorite shops!!!

I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am with Tiffany, the mama behind Picnic Basket Crafts!
A little about Tiffany: "I am the proud mother of two beautiful little boys and wife to a loving husband. My day job involves shaping (or warping, depending on how you see it) the impressionable minds of adolescents. I hope I can inspire my students to appreciate our fragile earth, and see ways to make nature, science, and technology work together in sustainable ways. I have a B.A. in Environmental, Populational and Organismic Biology, with a minor in Biochemistry, and 10 years of experience as a biology and chemistry teacher. I moonlight as an inventor and crafter of useful, beautiful, and yummy products that help get me (and my friends and family) through hectic times."
I feel like I am a pretty great judge of her products, and can speak for their quality, as I own just about everything she makes! Her cleaning products are top notch! I have her eco-friendly dusting spray, All purpose cleaner, Glass and floor cleaner, and Scouring powder. I made the switch to all-natural cleaning products about a year ago. In that time I have tried out 3 different mama's products and can honestly tell you that Tiffany's is the best!! I feel good cleaning my home knowing that it is safe for my little man and the environment!!! (did i mention how great the prices were too???)
To go along with her great cleaning products, she also stocks accessories that I am in LOVE with!!! 14 months ago we switched form disposable diapers to cloth and haven't looked back. However, every time I changed out my swiffer mop pad I couldn't help but think, "how is this any different??" Tiffany makes the BEST reusable mop pads EVER! (I have also tried 2 different similar products by other mamas) Have a swiffer duster? She has a great head for them too! How cute is that?! I am also a germaphobe. Because of this, I am slightly addicted to hand sanitizer. The bad thing about hand sanitizers and babies is all the chemicals in them. Well tiff has a great product for you- and it smells AMAZING!! I have one in my purse, one in my car, one in the diaper bag and one in my gym bag!!!

Now for my favorite!! At Picnic Basket Crafts you will find a wonderful selection of all natural homeopathic skin care and healing products! For skin care she has a Thrifty Hippie set for only $10.50!!! Can you believe that? I am in love with her Whipped Cream cleanser for acne prone skin- it has ground walnut shells and tea tree oil!! I also love her chap sticks- they are the perfect consistency! I had her make me a strawberry-lime tube and it is super yummy! Have a little one? Her Boo-Boo balm is a must!! She even has safe and gentle cleanse and moisturize spray for diaper changing! Love bamboo?? She makes the softest reusable cotton balls and nose wipes EVER! I have gotten a ton of use from our sniffles set as well! However... my favorite product by far is..... *drum roll* ...... the headache balm!!!! I am no longer hooked on meds thanks to this great tube!! It is seriously amazing. I have let friends use it and I have neighbors that come over with a bad headache asking for it. It is honestly amazing!

Great Shop * Packaged Cute * Affordable Prices * Earth- Friendly * Excellent Customer Service

Who could ask for more???

Shop at Picnic Basket Crafts and tell Tiffany that I sent ya!!


Tiffany said...

Great Scott honey - that's the best review ever. Thanks so much for your hard work on this - it must have taken forever (and I know how hard it is to focus on not sounding like an idiot with a toddler at your ankles LOL). I hadn't realized, when you do put it all together, you really do have almost everything I make! (-:

tscrapper said...

I'll second the fact that Tiffany's products are great! I have several of them, too. I also love the night time eye serum, and my daughter loves the un-paper towels! She just made me some packaging envelopes from recycled materials, too, and they turned out great!